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Subject: college ball-5 Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in
Minnesota Maryland. It’s a large school, and very well received by the
College Guide Association Of America. There was a large library, an
auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic
building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower,
and several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge.____________________________________________________________________________COLLEGE-BALL-5ONE Finally after weeks of practice sessions, a real game was scheduled
with the Jeremiah University Jaguars to play the Claremont University
Lions. It was only the first game of the session, but it would mark the
team’s chances at possibly playing in the championships at the end of the
Coach Brown stayed on top of his team all that week, making them
run extra laps and practice longer harder sessions. He was especially tough
on Tyrome Smith, the team’s Captain. Tyrome had been having an off season
during practice, which scared Coach Brown and many of the University’s
alumni. Tyrome was still having issues about his feelings, having very
mixed emotions about what Clarence Johnson had done to him. Now that the
debt he owed to Clarence had been paid (last chap) and he Nn Preteen Models was able to
concentrate on his game, he still couldn’t get the thought of letting
another man fuck him out of his head. What self respecting straight man
(particularly a straight black man) let’s another man shove his dick up his
ass without being beat to death? Tyrome couldn’t shake the idea of what
that might mean (about his sexuality) out of his head. It affected his
game, his free throws, his plays, his shots, and his judgment…, making
him a liability to the team for the first time in 3 years. After everyone else had showered and left the practice court,
Tyrome was still there, throwing shots that were coming close to the rim
without actually going in. The anger and frustration was written all over
his handsome face as he watched his latest attempt bounce off the rim like
an amateur.
Coach Brown watched from his office, staring out the tiny window
overlooking the ball court as his best player couldn’t make even the
simplest shots. His game Nn Preteen Models
was gone, as well as is confidence. Coach Brown
knew Ty had to get his head on straight, or risk ending his career before
its even had a chance Nn Preteen Models
to begin. He sighed heavily at the thought of what he had to do. He couldn’t
let the imbalance of one player jeopardize the whole team, no matter how
popular that player was. Coach Brown knew he had little choice but to pull
Tyrome from the starting lineup, effective immediately. He knew Tyome would
be furious, but HIS career and reputation lay on the line as well, he
wouldn’t be coaching for Jeremiah University for too much longer if a
championship didn’t find its way into their hands.
Tyrome was charging down the other end of the court full throttle,
he dribbled the ball between his legs then did a 360 turn around and
changed positions without slowing or stopping. Coach watched as Tyrome
looked in old form as he jumped, holding the ball in both hands as he
attempted to do a slam dunk. The ball hit just short, bouncing off the rim
and catapulting across the court. Coach shook his head and sighed as he
walked out onto the court. The ball rolled up to him when he stopped it
with his foot.”Ty…, we need to talk…”
Tyrome turned around, breathing hard, sweat pouring down his
brow. He could tell by the look on Coach’s face that it wasn’t good.”Your practice sessions SUCK! I can’t afford to put you out there and have
you sabotage the first game!” he said bluntly, his choice of words hitting
Tyrome like a sock full of rocks.”Sabotage??” repeated Tyrome, hurt. “After ALL the sweat and tears I put
into this team, you’d think I’d deliberately sabotage it in my final
year??!”"No deliberately!” said Brown, knowing Tyrome better than that. “But you’re
in a serious slump right now, I’d be crazy to put you out there as lead
when you can’t even hit a free throw or a simple slam! I Nn Preteen Models HAVE to bench you
until further notice!”"You CAN’T do this to me, Coach! YOU of all people know how important this
year is to me! I HAVE to be seen on court in order for the pro scouts to
want me! How can I pursue a career in the pros if I’m benched my last year
of college?” pleaded Ty.”I know the situation, Ty…, but I’m telling you it ain’t gonna happen!
Not with the way you’ve been playing lately! It’ll be suicide, for both
mine and your careers!” reasoned Brown.
Tyrome knew within his heart of heart that Coach Brown was doing
what was right for the team to insure victory, but he really wasn’t trying
to hear that.”If you don’t put me back on the starting lineup…, I’ll tell everybody
that you’re GAY!” threatened Ty, desperately.”Tyrome…”"I’ll tell them all that you came onto me! That you sucked my dick during
practice!” he yelled, frantically. “I will! I’ll go straight to the Deen’s
office!”"That still won’t get you on the starting lineup.” informed Coach
Brown. “The Alumni wants Clarence in your place…, THEY think he’ll give
us the edge we need and they’re eager to see what he can do on the court!”"Clarence…?” sighed Tyrome, the man who caused all of his troubles. “You
can’t do this to me, Coach! You CAN’T!”"It’s out of my hands, Ty. I couldn’t change it now if I wanted to…, and
I don’t.” he said, turning to head back to his office.”What if I sucked your dick? Would that change you mind?” asked Tyrome,
running up behind Coach Brown and falling to his knees. Brown turned
around, spotting his star player on his knees, offering his mouth in
desperation.”Ty, don’t…, that won’t change anything…” protested Coach, half tempted
to take the kid up on his offer.”I’ll suck it for you! I really will!” insisted Ty, pulling at the Coach’s
sweatpants. Coach Brown grabbed Ty’s hands, his hardening dick already
starting to tent out his crotch.”You could suck it all you want, Ty…, you still wouldn’t be on starting
lineup!” he informed, painfully.”What if I let you fuck me…, would THAT change you mind?” asked Ty,
standing up to drop his shorts. Coach Brown was taken by surprise as Tyrome
turned around and bent over, yanking down his practice shorts to reveal his
bare ass.
Coach Brown’s mouth began to salivate as he stared at young man’s
luscious brown ass cheeks. Coach’s dick popped an instant woodie when he
saw the hair lined ass crack open for him. It was all he could do to keep
from kneeling down and pressing his own face up between the cheeks, eating
the delectable hole for all its worth.”Go on…, I’ve been fucked twice already!” admitted Ty, looking back at
the coach over his shoulder. He could see how badly Brown wanted to plug
his chute. “Clarence tricked me into letting him fuck me back at his hotel
room! If I can take his big dick up my ass, I’m sure I could take yours
too!” insisted Tyrome, causing his coach’s mouth to drop open like an
oyster. He’d often wondered what positions Tyrome and Clarence played in
the bedroom with each other, but he never would have guessed Tyrome was the
catcher in that ball game!”I can’t!” said Coach Brown regrettably, fighting the desire to eat
Tyrome’s ass and fuck it til it bled cum. “What’s done is done, Ty…, it
can’t be undone!”"Then FUCK YOU, Coach!!” yelled Tyrome, pulling up his shorts as he stormed
off the court. “FUCK YOU ALL!!!”TWO The Sports Center is where the University competes its basketball,
tennis, and volleyball tournaments. Members of both the Claremont Lions and
the Jeremiah Jaguars met on the court floor as a whistle is blown and a
ball tossed in the air to determine which side gets first chance to score.
6′4″ tall point guard Clarence Johnson has the upper hand as he
tips the ball his team’s way. Mikiah Washington gets his hands on it first
as he breaks down the court with his opponent on his tail. He passes the
ball behind his back to his teammate Jason Outlaw, who quickly passes it
back to Clarence who scores the first two Nn Preteen Models point of the game with an easy
lay-up. The crowd roars as the team casually jogs down to the opposite side
of the court with a confidence about them.”Good job, fellas! Keep it up! Keep it up!” yelled Coach from the
sidelines. He turned around to look for the team Captain, but Tyrome was
nowhere to be seen. Coach Brown cursed himself from under his breath,
knowing he needed to find a way to get Tyrome back into the swing of things
if his team was going to have any real shot of taking the championships. He
needed every player at their peek, and right now Ty was the only hold up.
The opposing team (the Lions) were a formidable force. They
attacked aggressively, trying to overturn the ball and nab rebounds on
quick straight away runs for the rim. For the first two periods they were
neck and neck, each leading at one time by up to four points before being
over taken in the last seconds. By halftime, the score was 40-44 Lions. The two teams rested during halftime while the Nn Preteen Models Jaguars Cheerleaders
did their thing on the dance floor. Coach Brown got his team into a huddle
and gave them hell for letting the Lions get the upper hand. He wanted his
team `hungry’, they needed to be starving if they wanted to eat the Lions
alive. He hyped his team up, giving them encouragement as they prepared to
go back out to the sidelines. But just then in walked Tyrome Smith,
completely dressed in uniform.
The team looked up at him silently, wondering where he’d been all
this time.”Nice to see you join us half way through the game, Ty.” said Coach Brown,
angrily.”Where you been man? You’re supposed to be team Captain. We could’ve used
your support out there.” said Mikiah Washington.”Yall ain’t need me!” said Tyrome, sounding arrogant and high. “Ain’t yall
heard? Coach Brown benched me from the starting lineup…, what am I
supposed to do for support, dance with the cheerleaders?”"Get back out on the woods!” ordered Coach Brown to his team, wanting to
get Ty alone.
The team slowly got up off the benches and walked quietly by
Tyrome, most of them avoid eye contact to hide their disappointment as they
exited the locker room. Mikiah shook his head at the Captain as he walked
by, openly showing his disappointment as he headed back out to the game. Ty
looked over at Clarence who stood by watching him.”What the fuck you looking at?” he asked, annoyed.
Without saying anything, Clarence simply followed his teammates
out. Ty breathed a sigh of relief as he turned to face the Coach.”Where you been, Ty?” asked Coach Brown, trying to remain calm. “You know
you’re required to be on the floor at all times, rather you’re in the game
or not!”"I was out getting my dick sucked!” responded Nn Preteen Models Tyrome, arrogantly. When he
saw the surprised look on Coach’s face, he burst into laughter. “Oh, my bad
man…, did you want to blow me again, Coach?”
Coach Brown balled his fists, but restrained from hitting the
player.”You’re getting out of line, Ty!” he warned, allowing himself a moment to
calm down.”And what do you call what you did to me in your office?” asked Ty. “What
would everybody think if they knew Coach Brown was a raging fag who preys
on vulnerable young men who play under his charge?”"That’s NOT what happened, Nn Preteen Models and you know it!” said Coach. “Besides, YOU’RE
gay yourself…, I caught you blowing CJ in the showers, so don’t stand
there pretending like you’re a victim! You liked it as much as I did!”
yelled Coach, recalling how quickly Tyrome blew down his throat.”I was confused…!” defended Ty, recalling vividly himself as his dick
starting to rise at the memory of Coach’s throat wrapped around his
Coach Brown saw Ty’s dick starting to harden in his jock. He had to
fight the urge to pull him deeper into the locker room and blow him
again. He glanced down at his watch, knowing halftime was over in 2
minutes.”Pull yourself together and get out there where you belong, your team needs
you there for encouragement! We can…, finish this talk in my office if
you like.” said Coach, walking by briskly as he rushed to get away from
Tyrome stood there looking down at his own hardon, wondering what
was wrong with him. He wanted to get out of there, to go somewhere to find
some big tit big assed chick to fuck silly, but he knew he had to support
his boiz. He readjusted his jock to help hide his hardon, then followed the
noise out onto the floor. The two teams were just retaking the court when
he silently came out and took his seat on the bench. Spectators saw him as
they cheered his arrival. Coach Brown looked over at him as the two men
locked eyes. Ty tried to ignore the pulse in his groin, concentrating
instead on the game before him. The ball was back in play as both teams scrambled to gain
momentum. With an equally arousing pep-talk from their own coach, the
Claremont Lions came out fighting harder on the second Nn Preteen Models half. Lions verse
Jaguars, the playing field was a literal battle zone of ferocious felines
as players bore down as the game reached into high gear. Spectacular shots,
impressive lay-ups, extraordinary passes, and amazing slams made this
college game as exciting as any professional game ever played. The scores
remained close as the teams battled for top honors.
During a time out in the forth and last quarter, Coach Brown pulled
Clarence out for a breather. He patted the player on the back for a good
job as Clarence grabbed a cold Nn Preteen Models water bottle and took his seat beside
Tyrome. Neither player said anything as they watched the game continue. Ty
watched Clarence from the corner of his eye, still angry that he’d been
pulled to make room for the new guy. He felt totally used and cast aside as
his team struggled to get ahead without him. Tyrome chuckled to himself under his breath, just loud enough for
Clarence to hear. Clarence looked over at him, noticing the smirk on Ty’s
face as he watched the Lions score 2 more points. “What’s so funny?” he
asked curiously. “Nothing…” said Ty, keeping an eye on the
game. “…just funny how everybody thought you’d be this big game savior
that would easily sweep us into Nn Preteen Models the championships…, and here you’re
barely able to reach my highest game score!”"I’ve got 30 points this game so far!” defended Clarence, having the
highest score on the floor.”You think that’s something to brag about?” asked Ty, snickering under his
breath. “Playing College Ball ain’t nothing like playing high school
basketball…, this’s the big times before the big leagues! You gotta come
correct EVERY game, play it like its your last!”"I’m busting my ass out there!” informed Clarence, wiping the sweat from
his brow.”My average high is 30 points per game! My highest score was 52 points
against the Panthers last year! If you’re as good as you think you are, as
good as the Coach thinks you are…, you should be able to top that score
easy! If not…, you ain’t nothing but a washout waiting to be dried!”"Why you hatin’ on me like this?” asked Clarence, sensing a deeper motive
to Ty’s taunts.”I’m just trying to motivate your ass! We NEED this win, and you’re
supposed to be our new big cannon! So get out there and blow some shit up!”"And IF I beat your top score?” asked Clarence, daring another bet.”You can fuck me anywhere you and want!” promised Tyrome, sweetening the
pot.”BET!” agreed Clarence, his dick already hardening at the thought of
another journey into Ty’s ass.”But if I win…, you have to be MY bitch and do whatever I say, on AND off
Clarence thought about that for a minute, not sure what Ty had in
mind. “Unless you’re not confident about your game?” taunted the team
Captain, causing Clarence to accept the challenge as he jumped up and
demanded the Coach to put him back in the game.”You sure you’re ready?” asked Brown, wanting Clarence to rest up more.”I’m ready!” insisted Clarence, eagerly.”Okay then…” said Coach, calling another time out to switch players. He
looked over at Tyrome, wondering what the 20 yr old said to light a fire
under Clarence’s ass. Ty said nothing as he sat back in his seat and
crossed his arms, waiting for the outcome to unfold. The game resumed as Clarence tried to get the ball on every
turnover. Coach Brown and the rest of the student alumni cheered on their
feet every time Clarence Nn Preteen Models (or one of the other players) hit a 3
pointer. Clarence was determined to break Ty’s top score, to get yet
another chance up the handsome player’s ass. His teammates saw that he was
on fire in the last period, and kept passing the ball his way despite the
heavy guards surrounding him.
Tyrome sat Nn Preteen Models
on pins and needles as Clarence got within 4 points of
his top score before the buzzer rang, ending the game 92-96 Jaguars. Jeremiah University roared after the buzzer sounded as classmates
ran out onto the court to congratulate the winners. Players from the
Claremont Lion returned to their locker room to sulk their loss as the
spirits of Jeremiah U ran high.
In the locker room everyone celebrated. Coach Brown was ecstatic
that his team took Nn Preteen Models
the first game of the season, showing Seymour University
fans that they had a fight on their hands. A victory party was announced as
players quickly showered and dressed. Everyone was psyched as they ran for
the door, leaving Clarence behind as he Nn Preteen Models
took his time getting ready. He’d loss the bet with Tyrome, meaning he’d have to be Ty’s bitch
for an evening. His own mind began to wander as he worried what the older
boy had in stored for him. Nn Preteen Models
His biggest fear was that Ty would want to fuck
him back, giving him an eye for an eye. Clarence had never been fucked
before, preferring to be on top at all times. He cringed Nn Preteen Models
at the thought of
taking Tyrome’s thick 9 inch pipe up his virgin ass. For the first time
since meeting Ty, Clarence wasn’t looking forward to being alone with him.THREE At the frat house, the party was in full swing. Music, booze,
girls, marijuana, and an occasional drug floated around in plentiful
supply. Many of the teammates would succeed in getting laid tonight, their
young dicks rock hard from the adrenaline rush coursing through their
veins. Many of the girls looking to get fucked were hoping to hook a
boyfriend in the process. Coach Brown reminded his players to “strap up”
before they left the locker room, reminding them how they are easy targets
for money hungry college girls looking to strike it rich on their coat
While things were going well downstairs, –upstairs both Tyrome and
Clarence sat in their individual rooms, neither feeling festive as they
stayed away from the celebration. Ty sat in his room, listening to his own
music and surfing the Internet. Though the Jaguars won, they did it without
his influence, making the win bitter sweet. As for Clarence, his team may
have won due to his explosive game, but he still lost the bet, leaving him
vulnerable to Ty’s evil schemes. He was in his own room going over his
studies when he heard a knock at the door. Instantly he feared it was
Tyrome, coming to goat and collect on his bet.”Yo man…, open up!!” he heard teammate Derek Wilson say, his speech
slurred from too many beers.
Ty peeked out from his door as he observed Derek banging hard on
Clarence’s door cross the hall.”Wussup, man?” asked Clarence, stepping out into the hall.”Why ain’t you downstairs celebrating with the rest of us?” asked Derek,
already passed his limit.”I’m not into parties.” said Clarence, simply.”Bullshit man! We wouldn’tve won tonight if it wasn’t for you!” insisted
Derek. “You deserve to be downstairs more than any of us! C’mon down man!
Get yourself a drink and a hoe!”"Naw, naw…I’m good. Forreal!” laughed Clarence, sending Derek back down
to the party.”Well at least take MY brew! You HAVE to celebrate man, that’s the whole
reason why we fight to win!” insisted Derek, handing Clarence his half
drank beer bottle.”Okay man…” laughed Clarence, taking the brew before closing his door. Ty
watched Derek go back down stairs, trying to walk a straight line without
falling or tipping over. Clarence went back into his room, setting Derek’s beer down on his
desk. He went back to his studies, trying to concentrate despite all the
noise going on downstairs. Clarence was a simple man from a modest
background. He knew college was his only sure shot at getting out of the
ghetto and making something positive of himself. Sure a pro-ball contract
would be great (more than great actually), but it wasn’t a sure
shot. Tyrome had put all of his eggs in one basket, banking that a
pro-contract would come upon graduation, and now he saw his entire college
school career going downhill fast. Clarence didn’t want to be in the same
boat as Ty 4 years from now, facing graduation with no major under his belt
to fall back on other than basketball.
He was going over his studies when he heard another knock on the
door. He tried to ignore it, figuring it was just one of the guys trying to
get him some more pussy. Clarence wasn’t interested in girls, as his
attentions focused solely on the boys. The knocking continued, causing
Clarence to get up from his desk once again. He crossed the room and swung
open the door, only to find Tyrome instead.”Oh shit…!” he responded in surprise.”What’s wrong, wasn’t expecting me to come calling in on our bet so soon?”
asked Ty, walking in uninvited.”Actually…, no. I wasn’t.” admitted Clarence, closing and locking the
door.”So you thought I’d hold it over your head like you did me?” asked Ty,
still somewhat pissed.”I wasn’t holding anything over your head…” defended Clarence.”Whatever.” sighed Tyrome, not believing it as he looked around to see what
Clarence was up to.”So…, to what do I owe this visit?” asked Clarence, trying not to sound
nervous.”What do YOU think?” asked Tyrome, wanting to see Clarence sweat bullets.”I can just guess you’re here to make me pay up on our new bet!” presumed
Clarence.”Go to the HEAD of the class!” joked Ty, turning around to reveal his
tented crotch. Clarence smiled wickedly, knowing he’d be able to handle
THIS bet. Clarence stripped Ty naked, lying him back on his bed as he got
down between his legs and started to polish his knob with his
mouth. Clarence slobbered all over Ty’s dick head before swallowing it down
full length into the very back of his throat. “ohh fuck…” moaned Tyrome,
loving the way Clarence’s mouth and throat wrapped around his manhood.
Clarence buried his face in his crotch, his lips wrapped around the
ball base of his dick before slowly drawing his head back, dragging his
full lips up the slick shaft. Tyrome lay back in bed moaning softly, his
legs spread to accommodate Clarence’s bobbing head. Ty loved getting his
dick sucked, he could just lay back and let a woman (or in this case
Clarence) suck his dick all day. He watched intently as Clarence sucked all
up and down the slick shaft, his tongue slithering along the underbelly as
his dick began to drool pre-cum. Clarence could taste the sweet nectar
every time he suckled the fat flaring head.”Shit man…” groaned Ty, unable to hold back his emotions. Clarence bobbed
his head faster, taking Ty’s dick deeper into his opened throat for
repeated massage along the gland. Clarence had tasted Ty’s cum before
during their last sexual encounter, his Nn Preteen Models stomach was starting to crave the
potent juices as he sucked harder, suddenly hungry for the ball player’s
Ty didn’t want to cum so fast, but the head job he was getting was
nothing short of spectacular. The sole consolation was that Clarence was
his `bitch’ for the night, insuring that he’d be getting another blow job
soon enough. After nearly 10 minutes of intense straight up and down
suction, he could feel his balls knotting up as his dick tip became ultra
sensitive. Clarence felt Ty’s body become super stiff as his dick thickened
and pulsed in his mouth. Tyrome tossed his head violently from side to
side, seconds later Clarence felt his mouth filling with the copious loads
of hot salty semen, spurting from the head of Nn Preteen Models Ty’s manhood like a water
hose. Ty groaned and grunted with each ejaculation, his dick pulsing out
streak after thick gooey streak of rich juice which Clarence eagerly
drank. Clarence held the dick in his mouth until he was absolutely sure
that he’d swallowed every potent ounce of his Captain’s essence. Clarence
fully expected Ty to end their session now that he’d gotten off, but Ty
surprised him when he silently pulled Clarence’s head up off his still
stiff manhood, and planted him with a soulful kiss.
Clarence smiled within from the pleasant surprise. After
weeks/months of chasing Ty and blackmailing him into sexual encounters, it
was finally Nn Preteen Models
evident that Tyrome wanted Clarence as much as Clarence wanted
Tyrome. Clarence pushed his tongue into Ty’s mouth, letting him suckle
madly the length of his oral muscle. The two men kissed like lovers,
swapping spit and swirling tongues as they kissed without restraint or
prejudice. For the first time since meeting, Clarence felt Tyrome giving
himself willingly without bet or coercions. The ball was in HIS court, as
HE held the upper hand. Clarence was still in wonder how Tyrome would play
it out now that HE possessed the power, Nn Preteen Models and was extremely surprised when Ty
broke the kiss and whispered softly for Clarence to fuck him.”What…?” asked Clarence, rising up to look down at the player. “What did
you say?”"You heard me, man…, I said fuck me!” invited Ty.”For real?” smiled Clarence, sensing a breakthrough. “YOU won the bet…,
you SURE you want ME to do the fucking?” he asked just to be certain.”I can’t deny how good that shit felt the last time you were all up in me,
man! I’ve been jacking off for days just thinking about you fucking me
again. I WANT to feel it! I want you to make me feel like you did then!”
said Ty, sincerely. Clarence felt as if he’d just hit the jackpot.”You got it baby!” he promised, pushing Ty’s legs up onto his chest,
doubling him in two to expose his bare ass. He looked down at the totally
delectable hole before him, nestled between to firm apple brown butt cheeks
with a tuft of black curly hairs surrounding the target. “I’m gonna make
your pussy feel like a million fucking dollars!!” he swore, jamming his
face between the buns.
Tyrome felt Clarence’s tongue digging into his manhole, pushing
deeper into him as it pried open his silky man-chute and darted in and out
like a tiny prick. Tyrome loved the way a hot tongue dug into his ass,
massaging the soft anus and relaxing his fighting sphincter muscles. Clarence lavished the hole with his mouth and tongue, making love
to it as if he were French kissing a supermodel. Ever so often Clarence
would pull his face back from the hot hole to stare at it questionably, as
if waiting for it to speak to him. The tight tiny button would flex in and
out frantically, glistening wet from the oral abuse he’d just
administered. Clarence watched mesmerized, almost falling in love with the
pulsating hole as it spoke to him in secret code. Giving into his passions,
Clarence quickly pressed his face back up between the buns, shoving his
tongue back up into the tiny chute as he licked, sucked, and tongue fucked
it until Tyrome was literally begging for the dick.”Awww shit man, fuck me! Stop eating my asshole and fuck me already!” he
ordered.”Is THAT how you ask me?” teased Clarence, lifting up just long enough to
make his statement before diving back down for more.”Shit! Come on, CJ…, why you always gotta make me BEG for it?” asked
Tyrome, frustrated.”Because…” said Clarence, pulling his dripping mouth up from his
meal. “…I love it when you ask for me to fuck you! I love knowing you
WANT me in you like that!”"You just like breaking me down!” claimed Ty, giving in. “Fuck me, man! I
want to feel that big dick inside me again, fucking the shit outta Nn Preteen Models
me like
last time! Please…, I NEED to feel you in me!”"Damn baby…, since you asked so fucking sweetly, how can I say no?” said
Clarence, positioning himself between Ty’s legs until his big long pussy
pounder was pressed up to Ty’s anal lips. Spitting a huge gob of saliva
into his palm, he massaged it onto his dick head before pushing in.”UUURRHHH…!!” grunted Ty, feeling his anus stretch open. Clarence took
his time pushing up into the tight delicate hole, leaning forward to kiss
Ty in the lips again as he inched his way inside.
Tyrome accepted Clarence’s tongue as his ass accepted the huge
dick. Inch after thick long inch pressed into his ass, filling him
completely as they kissed with growing passion in their loins.
Tyrome could feel his entire rectum expand as the 12 inch black
snake filled his gut beyond capacity. He breathed a long sigh of relief
into Clarence’s mouth when he finally felt his ball sack press against his
ass, signifying that the whole foot long monster dong was lodged inside
him. Clarence ground his pelvis into Tyrome’s ass cheeks, churning his
manhood around in the murky depths of the tight sheath. Slowly he began
pulling and pushing his hips back and forth as he started fucking the
bottom man, his dick sliding through the gripping sphincter slow and
steady.”OOhhh fuck…!” groaned Tyrome, feeling his ass compromise to accommodate
the thick phallus. It felt like being impelled on a phone pole, but Tyrome
knew from experience that the intense pain would pass after a few minutes,
giving way to an erotic feeling which made his whole body feel as if
floating in the heavens.
Tyrome broke the kiss with Clarence as he began to pant and grunt
with each thrust into his ass. Clarence began sucking hard on Tyrome’s
neck, deliberately trying to mark him as ownership. Tyrome felt the hard
suction as Clarence Nn Preteen Models bit deeply into his neck. Clarence humped his ass up
and down as he drove his manhood deeper and deeper into Ty’s body. Tyrome’s
asshole began to relax under the constant in/out massage. Clarence felt his
sphincter loosen as he fucked harder, driving his meat through the
quivering rectum faster.”Shit, man…!!” groaned Tyrome, his toes curling in the air as his feet
dangled above their crashing bodies. Clarence’s body moved nonstop,
humping, pumping, and thrusting his dick again and again as he fucked
Tyrome’s body with gut massaging strokes. Every now and then Clarence would
change up, fucking Ty with short fast strokes or long hard strokes. Tyrome
felt totally at Clarence’s mercy as he fucked him at his own pace and
desire. Tyrome started to run his hands up and down Clarence’s long sweaty
muscular body, feeling his flexing and contracting muscles.
Clarence pulled his mouth off Tyrome’s neck and lifted up into
pushup position, looking down onto the handsome point guard. Tyrome’s eyes
were closed, his soft supple lips parted as he panted hard under the
action. The dick was fucking in and out of him at a faster pace, causing
his body to tingle all over with goose Nn Preteen Models
bumps. Clarence could see Ty’s
hardon already throbbing and leaking even more pre-cum than
before. Clarence started fucking harder, making his pelvis slap into Ty’s
FUCK, OHH FUCK YEAH, YEAH, Nn Preteen Models OH FUCK MAN, DAMN!” groaned Tyrome as the
thrusting increased. He reached down and began stroking his hardon while
Clarence fucked him. Clarence loved watching the erotic expression on Ty’s
face when they fucked. He loved knowing he had the power to take Tyrome to
another place no one else had ever taken him.
Tyrome stroked his hard dick in time to Clarence’s thrusts. He
looked up at Clarence, staring into his face as his eyes glossed over
lustfully. In another world he began moaning, begging Clarence to fuck him
harder.”Is this how you want it?” asked Clarence, loving Ty’s responses. “You want
me to keep fucking you like this?”"Awww shit man, yeah! Don’t stop, that shit feels good as shit man! Ooooh
yeeeaahh!”"Don’t worry baby, I won’t stop until we’ve both busted!” insured Clarence,
driller deeper. Tyrome simply groaned as his asshole sucked and squeezed
the plunging dick. After nearly 20 minutes of straight in/out action, he
felt his balls knotting, indicating another fast approaching climax.
Clarence noticed the signs as Tyrome’s body stiffened, his legs
trembling uncontrollably as his dick pulsed and throbbing in his fast
stroking fist. Clarence pounded hard into Ty’s vulnerable body as Tyrome’s
dick started spitting thick hot ropes of cum across his chest and stomach.”AARRHHHH, AAARRHHHHH, AAARRRHHHHGGG!!” Nn Preteen Models
yelled Tyrome, as gush after gush
spurted from his flaring dick head.
Clarence felt Tyrome’s already tight hold start to spasm and flex
around his plunging meat. He thrust into Tyrome 10 more times before his
own dick started to erupt a full gush of hot sperm deep into Ty’s bowels.”Ahhh…” he groaned when his dick swelled inside the clinging
rectum. “ARRRHHHHH!!!” he screamed as the cum poured out of him in thick
heavy pulses.
Clarence’s body went weak during climax, becoming extremely
vulnerable. Tyrome held onto Clarence’s waist as he churned his thick
throbbing dick around in his gut. Tyrome tightened and flexed his hole
purposely on the pulsating dick, milking it of all its precious
nectar. Clarence fell forward on top of him, breathing hard into the pillow
behind him as Tyrome caressed his back and shoulders.”Fuck man…, your shit just gets better and better…” smiled Clarence,
finally catching his breath, his dick still lodged in Tyrome’s hole.”aww man…, you just like banging my shit out, that’s all!” smiled Tyrome,
looking up at Clarence.”I ain’t gon’ lie…, I LOVE that shit, man! I could fuck Nn Preteen Models you for hours!”
admitted Clarence. “I’m really surprised that you ain’t try to flip me,
seeing how YOU won the bet and all!”"I thought about it…” confessed Ty.”But…?”"I…” Tyrome paused for a second, not knowing if he could admit the
obvious. “…I…, really wanted you to fuck me more.”"I KNEW it!!” glee Clarence, burying his face in Ty’s neck. “You LIKE that
shit, don’t you?”"No one can know about this, CJ…, I mean for real!” said Tyrome,
seriously.”Don’t worry baby…, Nn Preteen Models
so long as you just let me keep hittin’ this, our
secret’s safer than safe!”"So if I didn’t let you hit it no more, you’d tell people you fucked me?”
asked Tyrome.”Naw man…, I’m just saying…, I’ll fuck you anytime, anyplace you want
me to. All you gotta do is call me, I’m your man!”"Oh, you are?” laughed Tyrome.”What YOU think?” asked Clarence, French kissing Tyrome again as he started
to slowly thrust his hardon in and out of Ty’s cum wet manhole.____________________________________________________________________
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